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Our Mission

As human beings we are all faced with varied challenges everyday of our lives. The last three years has been especially challenging for people in all age groups from various walks of life. Because things have been stressful lately, this simple wellness app's goal is to assess and see how you are doing and then offer up some options to distract yourselves from the daily grind to alleviate some stress. This is also meant to be a tool that will help you connect to helpful resources tailored to what you need right now. 

The key is to accept that sometimes it’s ok to be “not ok”. It’s important to be honest with oneself and get the support that can make all the difference. Click the link: "SafeSphere Web App" above to get started.

Wellness Connects to Mental Health

Mental Health is as important as physical health, and it affects about 80% of the people in one way or the other in the form of different kinds of stressors. We as human beings are all faced with daily stressors and challenges, and we all have our own ways of coping with stress and challenging situations in our lives. Development of good coping skills allows us to maintain our mental health in the face of adversity. Wellness is comprised of both physical and mental wellness and is essential for all of us to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. Being willing to take care of one’s mental health means taking an inventory of one’s emotions, feelings, stress levels, even getting screened just as one would for various physical ailments and illnesses. Overall wellness is critical for us as human beings to survive in this fast paced society and it may help alleviate, prevent or even diagnose challenging mental health conditions, substance use conditions and promote greater well-being and positive advancements in our society.

Inspiration Behind the App

During COVID, many people were exposed to the feeling of isolation. Some of us were lucky to have our families, but those who lived alone with families far away were forced to a virtually connect with their friends and families. The prevalence of mental illnesses skyrocketed and social isolation affected people's mental wellness as well. Stressed students behind screens weren't able to receive the resources they needed and extracurriculars became virtual, which confined students to Zoom. I saw that my community was struggling and created this app to give people a break to journal, exercise, listen to podcasts, and even more in order to improve their mental well being. 

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